The EDCC programme cultivates the next generation of leaders by utilising a comprehensive and targeted ranking structure, to unlock the potential of every child.

Our program is not just about developing individual leaders, but about creating a ripple effect of leadership. We believe that true leadership is about empowering others, and our aim is to raise leaders who will go on to raise other leaders in their communities. 

The issues facing children and youth in South Africa is multifaceted and complex.  There are a number of challenges including access to education, violence and crime, socioeconomic division, limited opportunities, lack of role models and social and cultural barriers leading to resistance to change.

Our ethos is to break down these barriers and provide opportunities for each and every child.
The EDCC Leadership Program is not just about Church on a Sunday, it is designed to instil long lasting change by rooting every child in the words and teachings of Jesus, empowering them to know their worth and role in God's Kingdom.

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Our EDCC Core Values