Our vision at Breakthrough Land NPC is a future where the cycle of poverty is eradicated, and every child and young person in Parys, South Africa, and its surrounding areas has the tools, resources, and support needed to lead fulfilling lives. We envision a community where opportunities are abundant, potential is realized, and the next generation becomes a driving force for positive change.

Breakthrough Land NPC strives to be a catalyst in creating a society where poverty is not a barrier to success and where each individual can break free from the constraints of their circumstances.


1. Engage: Breakthrough Land NPC prioritizes active engagement with children and young people in the community, fostering meaningful connections and relationships. By understanding their unique challenges, aspirations, and potential, we aim to tailor our interventions to address their specific needs.

 2. Equip: We are committed to providing the necessary tools, skills, and resources that allow children and young people to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. This includes spiritual support, vocational training, and personal development programs that enhance their capabilities and build a foundation for future success.

3. Empower: Breakthrough Land NPC believes in the inherent potential of every child and young person. Our priority is to empower them to be agents of change within their own lives and communities. Through mentorship, leadership development, and advocacy, we seek to instil a sense of agency, resilience, and confidence in the next generation. 

Our mission has only just begun...

Breakthrough Land NPC is on a mission to eradicate the cycle of poverty for the next generation in Parys, South Africa, and its surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to engaging, equipping, and empowering children and young people through targeted programs and initiatives. Our commitment is to create an Acts 2 Community environment where every individual has the opportunity to break free from the constraints of poverty, realize their full potential in Christ, and become catalysts for positive and lasting change for God’s Kingdom.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on sustainable development, Breakthrough Land NPC strives to make disciples and raise leaders to raise leaders. We are a united force and embrace being the Body of Christ to serve and honour all.